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Thank you to our very generous donors. Their help allows us to provide students with an opportunity to succeed and thrive beyond their Freeport High School experience. The impact of these scholarships will ripple through our community for generations.

Please click here to download our latest Status Report to donors.

Summa Cum Laude Donor:

$50,000 and above

Sara Gideon

Carol & Joe Wishcamper


Bath Savings Institution

Magna Cum Laude Donor:

$25,000 - $49,000

Fred & Pat Palmer

John & Dean Paterson

Cape Shore



Dale & Carol Hudson

Meredith & Mark Winter

Judy & Steve Brown

Cum Laude Donor:

$10,000 - $24,999

Tim & Jen Fox

Warren Graver & Victoria Winters

Heather & Jeff Zachau

Tom Delois

In Memory of Lisa Pardus-Delois

Candy & John Boyne

Bow Street Market

Janice & David Latulippe


Tagliabue Family Foundation

High Honor RolL Donor:

$5,000 - $9,999

Meghan & Ben Palmer

Stephanie Paine & John Pier

Psychology Specialists of Maine


Katherine & Jack Emory

Rosemary & Kenneth Murphy

Christian Peterson

Kim & Drew Wing

Bob and Amy Strong
Property Valuation

Marsha Welsher

Robert Goodwin

Debbie & Varun Avasthi

John Gleason & Katrina Van Dusen

Jack & Dede Montgomery

Ryan & Anna Nesbitt

Douglas & Mary Martin

Honor RolL Donor:

$500 - $4,999

Maddy & Joe Vertenten


Elizabeth & Stephen Mills

EJ Construction

Linda & Charlie Swanson

Judy & Gordie Hamlin

Tom & Willo Wright

Arnie McDonald & Liza Moore

Maine Beer Company

Betsy Peters

Becky Foley

Liz & Bill Heinz

Kathy & Sam Smith

Janice & Edward Gerry

Diane Whitmore

Ben & Anne Niles

Bob Stevens & Kathleen Sullivan

Kimberly & Anthony LaMarre

Carol Southall

Vicky & Steve Smith

Mark DiGiovanni

Barbara & David Caldwell

Amy & Greg Greuel

Rip & North Cunningham

Philip Reynolds


0 - $500

Amy & Matt Cartmell

Katherine Degrandpre

Patricia & Martin Robles

Patti Drapeau

Jane & Frederick Woodruff

Sara Drapeau

Certified Physician Assistant Consulting

Heather & David McClelland  
Natalya Nikitina  
Gretchen & Gino Giumarro  
Tom & Jule Whelan    

Matt Cheney         
Amy Brown    

Ben & Lisa Clark

Robert & Muriel Meyer

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